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Welcome to Kudos

A unique environment with workspaces featuring the best services and latest technologies to foster wellbeing and collaboration among people.

Technology is present at all of our workspaces from the building management and mobility to the services and experiences offered, thereby creating the ideal physical and virtual atmosphere to meet the needs of all those who are a part of our community.

Kudos Innovation

At Kudos, we’re committed to a new way of working and thus create high-quality spaces in Madrid, Barcelona and Milan. Our innovative approach allows people to meet up with their colleagues in a way that encourages interaction and collaboration and boosts creativity.

Kudos Experiences

Kudos makes people fall in love with the idea of going to work. At a Kudos workspace, you can enjoy your working time and leisure activities in addition to having the best services. We encourage our community to spend time together, creating synergies and sharing quality experiences.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Most of our buildings are LEED and BREEAM sustainability certified in addition to being WELL Health & Safety certified. We share this sustainable vision with our community from a responsible and conscious perspective. And always with the fundamental idea that the health and wellbeing of those who work in our Kudos spaces is what matters most. 

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A new way of experiencing work.

Of sharing, feeling and enjoying places that stand out due to their innovation, sustainability, mobility, quality services, personal attention and care.