About Kudos

Together, we create innovation

A unique environment with innovative and dynamic workplaces where work is combined with leisure and people are at the centre of it all. Our workspaces feature the latest technologies and services to foster wellbeing and collaboration.

Our values

Live, feel, share, connect, create. This is what brings us together with places and people. We’re committed to the values ​​that demonstrate who we are, open and flexible, as we promote collaboration, wellbeing and innovation.

Our vision

We offer spaces that adapt to people’s needs, combining work with personalized experiences that encourage them to have fun, relate to others and create a community.

Our mission

Kudos was created under the conviction that everyone who co-exists in its workspaces has experiences that reflect their values, make an impact and allow them to feel they are part of this great community. We attract talent through excellence, inclusion and awareness for environmental and sustainability issues.

More than 18,400
Square meters in Madrid, Barcelona and Milan
More than 153


Kudos makes people fall in love with the idea of going to work. Open and sustainable places that encourage personal connections. An exclusive, welcoming, fun and dynamic environment that combines work and leisure.


The Kudos community is open, dynamic and interconnected. All of our workspaces are operated as a Community for a unique and differential value proposition.  The purpose is to create human experiences in an exclusive, fun and welcoming atmosphere where people connect with each other and thus develop synergies.


We offer the highest quality through a wide range of services and amenities that adapt to people’s needs. These include gyms, restaurants, urban gardens as well as chill out zones and large green areas.


Discover our Kudos workspaces

A new way of experiencing work.

Of sharing, feeling and enjoying places that stand out due to their innovation, sustainability, mobility, quality services, personal attention and care.