At Kudos, we are deeply committed to society, people and the world and wish to achieve a positive environmental and social impact.


We have a strong commitment to sustainability in all our workspaces as part of our efforts to contribute to people’s wellbeing and lower our carbon footprint.

We work day after day to maintain and improve our LEED and BREEAM certification, thus creating workspaces with the highest quality and sustainability standards.

We monitor our supplies and measure indoor air quality monthly in addition to using applications that help us measure emissions.  We also have mechanisms that regulate consumption and we offer extensive waste management options in a view to promoting recycling. Our suppliers are quality (ISO9001) and environmental (ISO14001) management certified.

Healthy Kudos

We aim to create positive emotions to promote a healthy lifestyle among everyone in the Kudos Community. We’ve designed an action plan that helps enhance the wellbeing of our most valuable asset– people. And through it all, we offer comfortable workspaces, sports activities and free outdoor workshops all while encouraging the development of professional relationships to create synergies.

Social commitment

At Kudos, we have a social action plan to improve the lives of those most in need and choose associations and causes with goals that reflect our values and principles.

With most Kudos workspaces, we offer alternative forms of transport for more efficient mobility from people’s homes to their workplaces and vice versa. Proof of this can be found in our carsharing agreements, shuttle buses, electric vehicle charging points, bike parking areas and more.

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